Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need to inspect the system before you flush it?

We include, as part of the service, a full survey survey to see whether you need a power flush at all. As part of this process we now use thermal imaging technology to take pictures of your radiators and some of the pipework to establish how much we can improve your system and to give you a clear before and after picture of your system.

Do I need to provide anything?

We bring everything we need to do our job to our high standards, but an outside tap and soil drain are a great help to us.

What about my boiler warranty?

A power flush by actually validates most warranties.

Is power flushing expensive?

Prices are dependent on many factors such as age of system, number of radiators and type of boiler etc, but pride ourselves on being competetive and fair.

Costs are approximate and liable to change without notification.

How long will a power flush take?

We want to make sure we do a full and professional service and that there are no short cuts. On average it can take between 4 to 8 hours depending the size of your property, number of radiators and how much debris, sludge and rust is in the system.

But what if something goes wrong?

We of course hope that nothing goes wrong, but just in case we have public liability insurance of up to 1 million pounds.

Do you need access to the loft?

If you have a feed and expansion tanks in the loft we need to cap them off and as part of you power flush we also clean them out thoroughly.